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English speaking dentist in Madrid Doctor Beatriz Galindo Martens English dentists Spain dental surgery Incoma clinic

Incoma Dental Surgery in Madrid Spain - Doctor Beatriz Galindo Martens
English speaking dentist in Madrid - cutting edge technology, professional high quality service and maximum fully personalised patient care.

Many people cannot imagine quite how the appearance of your teeth can affect your self-esteem.  Today healthy aligned teeth, along with an attractive smile, play an important social role and are an attribute for a lifetime. They represent youth, dynamism and success - a better first impression when meeting new people, whether in the business world or in your private life.

To accomplish this Dr. Beatriz Galindo Martens in the Incoma dental clinic in Madrid Spain offers a full range of dental services, ranging from restorative dentistry, orthodontics, dental implants, periodontics, dental aesthetics and advanced cosmetic dental treatments. The Incoma clinic employs the very latest technological advances in dentistry: digital radiography, intraoral camera, LED whitening light and plasma rich in growth factors.

In the Incoma dental clinic Dr. Beatriz Galindo and her team of dedicated professionals offer modern 21st century dentistry, ready to serve our patients with a friendly and professional service. Advanced techniques and state of the art materials are offered at affordable prices and always with the possibility of a range of easy financing plans.

The Incoma dental practice prides itself on the kind of warmth of treatment that you can only get from a personalised, individual service that cannot be offered by franchises or the low cost dental practices. Incoma and Dr Beatriz Galindo guarantee you the peace of mind that you can only get from a truly experienced and professional who will always be there both for you and for your family. Patients can relax knowing that all operations are performed or personally supervised by Dr. Beatriz Galindo, who is not only one of Spain's leading dentists but also a well respected university professor for the master's course in dental surgery and implants at the Universidad Alfonso X in Madrid.

Treatments offered by the Incoma dental surgery and Dr. Beatriz Galindo include:

Pediatric dentistry
Maxillofacial surgery
Dental implants
Dental prosthetics
Oral pathology

and also cosmetic dentistry such as:

Dental whitening
Veneers / porcelain crowns
Modeling with composite aesthetic contouring
Dental rejuvenation
Cosmetic surgery of the gums
Veneers / temporary crowns

Did you know that...?

The smile is the key that opens more doors
Today top dentists using advanced techniques have the means to perform any treatment without causing discomfort or pain.
The tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body.
Over 50% of headaches are caused by dental and joint problems.
Halitosis or bad breath originate from tooth decay or gum disease
Onychophagia or nail biting habit can damage the teeth.
If you experience dental pain that increases with cold, hot or at bedtime is because a tooth has a cavity that is damaging the pulp
Any bleeding in the gums is gingivitis, commonly known as gum disease.
Oral hygiene - tooth brushing and flossing  should not be delayed more than 15 minutes after every meal.
If you feel ear noise when opening or closing the mouth this is due to joint problems that must be addressed.
Any tooth that is lost must be replaced to prevent displacement of the other and joint problems in the future.
Many of the problems that seem to be neck cervical joint problems are actually due to the mouth and dental issues that need to be resolved by a dentist.

Dr. Beatriz Galindo dentist and university lecturer in dental surgery - Imtra Incoma dental clinic in Madrid Spain.

Doctor Beatriz Galindo Martens dentist
Tel: 915545405
Address: Incoma Imtra dental clinic, Calle Explanada 16, 28040 Madrid España
Dental surgery in Madrid in the Moncloa Aravaca district. Metro stations Guzman el Bueno, Ciudad Universitaria, Rios Rosas, Cuatro Caminos, Estrecho, Alvarado, Tetuan and Nuevos Ministerios.
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Dra. Beatriz Galindo Martens dentista en Madrid colabora con implantes dentales Zimmer


Doctora Beatriz Galindo Martens dentista en Madrid
Tlf: 915545405
Dirección: Clínica Dental Incoma Imtra, Calle Explanada 16, 28040 Madrid España
Clinica dental en Madrid en la zona de Moncloa Aravaca. Estaciones de metro Guzman el Bueno, Ciudad Universitaria, Rios Rosas, Tetuan, Cuatro Caminos y Nuevos Ministerios.
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Doctora Beatriz Galindo Martens dentista en Madrid clinicas dentales en Moncloa Aravaca - About - Google+

Doctora Beatriz Galindo Martens dentista en Madrid Moncloa Aravaca - About - Google+

IMTRA - Doctor Enrique Galindo Andujar
Tlf: (0034) 915545405
Dirección: Calle Explanada 16, 28040 Madrid España